Our Laboratories

Our Laboratories

Our expert and experienced staff controls and records the process before and during the production in our laboratories in which all necessary testing devices are available, so product quality is kept at maximum level and unconditional customer satisfaction is aimed.

Test Description

Measuring Device

Rheometer Test

Alpha ODR 2000 Rheometer

Hardness Test

Zwick Shore A Tester

Density Test

Sartorius LA230S

Ash Test

Core Muffle Furnace

Permanent Deformation Test

Core Stove

Abrasion Test

ETS DIN Abrasion Tester

Water Absorption Test

Vacuum Testing Device

Oil Test in Metals

VELP Heater – Mixer

Humidity Test

Core Stove

Dimensional Measurement


Mitutoyo Elc. Caliper

Deltelab NENE

150 Hz dynamic test capability

+/-25 mm amplitude

20 kN loadcell

Deltelab NENE