Nitrogen Deburring

Rubber, plastic, die cast or rubber-metal bonding –no matter it is- the leftover flashes after production is removed in an eco-friendly, cost-effective and reliable way using nitrogen, which Lang & Yüzer Otomotive A.S. ensures. Our method of cryogenic deburring is both gentle on your materials while still removing residue in a time-efficient and targeted manner. We are happy to discuss with you which of our processes are most suitable for your product. One thing is certain: we will find the right solution for you.

  • Nitrogen deburring
  • Cost-effective service
  • Fast deburring applications


Technical facilities:

  • Blasting Machines
  • Type Linde MSA
  • Cold drum of deburring system
  • Type Mewo 42
  • Rotor blasting machine
  • Type EEP 40/ EEP 90
  • Drying Drum / Washing Machines
Nitrogen Deburring