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Lang & Yüzer

Upon taking an investment decision in Turkey by Yüzer family, who was engaged in industry in Michelstadt, Germany for a long year, our company was established in 1997 in Çerkezköy / Tekirdağ. Our company is centered in Germany, which is an affiliate of Ly-Holding company.

Our main area of activity is Rubber White Goods and Automotive Accessories.

Our company has processes which are special for rubber and plastic accessories. These processes are cryogenic deburring processes and post-cure and washing processes in silicone products. Thanks to these extraordinary processes, sensitive and special accessories can be produced.

Also providing services with CO2 Dry Ice production and application equipment, our company operates in the General Center Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Area, which is of 9000 m2 open and 5000 m2 closed area.

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As Lang Yüzer, our mission is to operate in a customer-oriented manner and provide services to customer needs, to produce quality, to increase the profit share of the companies which we offer solution partnerships, to ensure customer satisfaction with our expert and experienced staff, to operate without sacrificing quality at all times.


As a researcher and innovative company, it is our vision to reach to leading position in rubber white goods, automotive and dry ice sectors, to ensure and retain our customers satisfaction with the provided services, to operate with our expert staff and follow all developments closely and to adapt them, to use the latest technologies and produce quality, to develop continuously and to take our place among the best in the sector


We are Aware of the Environmental Cleaning.
  • To be aware that the biggest investment in the future is the environment,
  • To instill environmental awareness in our employees and customers
  • To keep the damage to the environment at minimum level during and after our productions,
  • Some of our productions are suitable for recycling,
  • To pull our weight for a clean environment,
  • To recycle our waste and eliminating it without harming the environment.

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